Cool Functions of Typical Biohacking Apps

Technology and health have grown to be deeply entwined things, and as time passes, the collaboration just grows more advanced. Biohacking apps are designed to give you hands-on control over certain biological aspects of your state of being. Take a look at how some of these apps actually function and how they can help you in your overall day-to-day life.

Find out how cognitive abilities are affected by everyday activities. 

Have you ever wondered if meditation really helps you focus? Are you certain your cup of coffee offers mental clarity to get your day started off on the right track? The truth is, things happen every day in your life that could have a positive or negative effect on your cognitive function. However, most people never know what these things are. There is actually an app for that — several in fact.

Biofeedback apps designed to monitor cognitive function have all kinds of fascinating features, but so many out there do a series of cognitive function tests before and after you do certain things. The results can yield insight into things you should avoid to keep your brain operating at its best capacity throughout the day.

Learn how to wake up when it is most beneficial to your body. 

Sleep cycle biohacking apps have grown to be especially common — and not without good reason. These apps can help you monitor how you sleep and what your typical sleep patterns are via a remote device. This information can help wake you up precisely when you need your body to wake up.

For example, your REM sleep should not be disrupted because this type of sleep serves such important functions. The app on your phone would only signal your wake-up alarm once you are out of REM sleep.

Discover what foods make your heart rate increase. 

Many people have food sensitivities that affect their ability to feel well on a general basis. However, many people also have no idea that they have these sensitivities. Some biohacking apps are designed to help pinpoint what foods are causing a reaction.

These apps are usually capable of connecting to a fitness monitor to check your pulse rate, but some are so advanced that your phone's camera can measure your heart rate. Basically, you get real-time information about how food is affecting your body simply by using the biohacking app to monitor your heart rate.