How To Get The Right Receiver For Your Home Theater System

A home theater system can provide you and your family with many years of outstanding entertainment. But when it comes to home theater, it's not just about the picture on the screen. The audio also plays a large part of the experience and that's where your theater's receiver and speaker setup come into play. If you don't have previous experience with purchasing a state-of-the-art home theater receiver, here are some tips that might help.

Make Sure You Have Enough Channels

When it comes time to buy a home theater receiver, get the receiver for the setup you want in the future and not necessarily the setup you have right now. For example, make sure your receiver has enough channels to handle the number of speakers you want in your ideal setup. One receiver channel can be connected to one speaker. If you want to expand your speaker setup in the future for surround sound, you will want to make sure you get a receiver today that can handle the additional speakers when you get them.

Get the Right Kind of Receiver

When it comes to buying home theater receivers, there are two main kinds. A stereo receiver handles music only, while an AV receiver can handle audio and video. Some receivers, though, can also offer multi-room ability. They can handle your audio and video in the main room while also sending music to a different room elsewhere in the house. Again, think about your ideal setup once everything is in place and get a receiver that can handle everything you want.

Do You Need Special Connections?

Your typical AV receiver is, of course, going to come with connections for things like HDMI or a standard audio cable. But what if you want to play your vinyl collection through your home stereo? You will need a phono connection if that is the case. You could also consider wireless connections like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so that you can easily connect your various household devices to your home theater system.

Be Future Proof

When buying a home theater receiver, it's generally a good idea to splurge a little and get the latest technology. Whether that's surround sound or a special kind of audio technology, getting it now will ensure that your home theater will remain up to date or future proof for quite some time.

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