Why Each Of Your Fleet Vehicles Need An Automotive Telematics Unit

If you own a fleet, no matter how large or small, you probably have faced issues keeping up with your vehicles and all the tiny details that go into managing a successful fleet. One of the most important tools that can help you in your efforts to keep up with your vehicles at all times is the automotive telematics unit. These are just a few ways you can use telematics to retain greater control of your fleet for greater profits and so much more.

Track the Location of Fleet Vehicles at all Times

One thing the automotive telematics unit does extremely well is to allow you to track the location of all vehicles in your fleet (at least the ones equipped with an automotive telematics unit) at any given time.

Why is it important to know where your vehicles are at all times? There are many reasons you want to keep up with your vehicles, including those listed below:

  • Keep vehicles on their assigned routes to save fuel, reduce labor costs, and to know where assets are at all times.
  • Know where vehicles are so you can quickly respond if there are accidents and injuries, sending help to the precise geographic location.
  • Reduce your insurance costs. Since telematics onboard helps with the swift recovery of stolen vehicles and it allows insurance agencies to track the actions of your drivers behind the wheel, many of them will reward your business with deep discounts on your fleet insurance premiums.
  • Track driver behaviors and receive reports when drivers engage in speeding, hard braking, excessive idling, and other aggressive driving behaviors.

You can even use an automotive telematics unit to determine when units are in use after hours or when they leave specific geographic barriers (geofencing zones you create).

Improve Maintenance Record

Proper vehicle maintenance is essential for the safety of your fleet and your drivers as well as the cost-effectiveness of your fleet. By improving maintenance and keeping up better with the ordinary tasks that keep your fleet vehicles sound, your automotive telematics unit is saving you money. More money than you may ever realize as it helps you stay on track with the following:

  • Tire maintenance, care, rotation, and replacement.
  • Oil, filter, and fluid changes.

Additionally, you can use your automotive telematics unit to monitor engine diagnostics, coolant temperatures, intake valve issues, battery voltage, and countless other details while your vehicles are operating so that you can take care of small problems before they become larger ones.

The bottom line is that your fleet, large or small, needs the benefits automotive telematics units bring to the table for each of your fleet vehicles.