Make Your Outdoor Event a Success with Mobile LED Screen Rentals

Outdoor events are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Fresh air, ample space, natural light, and a relaxed atmosphere are some of the many benefits of holding events outdoors. However, when it comes to hosting outdoor events such as concerts, festivals, sports tournaments, or outdoor movie nights, visibility can be a challenge. Mobile LED screen rentals come in handy for improving visual access at large events. Let's explore some outdoor events that benefit from the addition of LED screens.

Concerts and Music Festivals

Nothing brings people together like good music, but it's important that all attendees have a good view of the performance, regardless of where their seats are in the venue. Mobile LED screen rentals offer an easy solution to this problem. Additionally, you can display live video feeds of the performer on the screens, highlighting their actions and expressions.

Sports Tournaments

Outdoor sports events such as marathons, triathlons, car races, and football or baseball games require proper viewership. Mobile LED screen rentals can help increase the excitement and engagement level of the attendees. You can keep track of participants and display live-action replays of the game on the LED screen, keeping the audience glued to the game till the end.

Outdoor Movie Nights

Outdoor movie nights have become increasingly popular in recent years, and rightfully so. An outdoor screen paired with a good sound system, blankets, and snacks makes for a perfect movie night. Mobile LED screen rentals offer crisp and clear images that guests can enjoy from any angle. Additionally, having the option of choosing a bigger screen means that more guests can enjoy the movie together.


Festivals can be a lot of fun, with different booths, vendors, and people, but sometimes it can be difficult to navigate around the venue and keep track of the different events. Mobile LED screen rentals can act as directional signage, displaying information such as where the toilets are positioned, where your favorite food stall is located, and what time events begin.

Corporate Events

Corporate events such as product launches, conferences, and other meetings are usually held at an outdoor venue. A mobile LED screen rental ensures that all presentations, keynote speeches, and other visual aids are visible to all attendees, regardless of their positioning in the venue. Having the option of increasing the screen size also means that everyone has a clear view of the speaker, improving engagement and participation.

Mobile LED screen rentals provide excellent solutions for outdoor events where visibility can be an issue. They add to the overall experience of the attendees, making the event more engaging, and allowing everyone to enjoy without any barriers. Contact your local events team today for more information on mobile LED screen rentals for your next outdoor event.